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Perinatal & Postpartum Pelvic Health

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

An Interview with Sujata Martin, MS OTR/L, CD

Occupational Therapist & Certified Doula

Concierge Pelvic Floor provides preventative and restorative pelvic floor health and wellness care to women through the specialized services of Sujata Martin, MS OTR/L, CD.

In addition to the inherently holistic nature of occupational therapy care, which incorporates skilled intervention for physical and mental health needs, Sujata integrates the spirituality of her Eastern cultural upbringing, reflecting in her mind-body approach to treating various pelvic floor conditions.

During her initiation into motherhood, Sujata discovered the dearth of pelvic floor services available in Buffalo and Western NY. She promptly began undertaking training to facilitate the necessary care of her own pelvic health needs throughout the pregnancy and postpartum period. She is passionate about using her advanced training in pelvic floor therapy to help women be their best selves during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period.

Beyond her emphasis on preventative pelvic health services, Sujata additionally provides skilled restorative rehabilitation services for pelvic floor dysfunctions (PFDs), including both internal and external treatment techniques.


In this interview, Sujata shares some personal insight into how she found her inspiration, motivation, and confidence in pursuing this path as a pelvic floor therapist.

What inspired you to begin your work in providing pelvic health services?

Following my pregnancy and birth experience, I realized how much power the female body holds, and the fact that motherhood doesn’t break our bodies. With the right care, we can heal well from this massive physical and emotional transformation.

How did you begin to take those first steps to differentiate yourself as an emerging professional in this area?

I initiated my professional identity in women’s health by training as a Birth Doula and attending births as a non-medical professional. However, I felt at a loss in not being able to use my knowledge of rehabilitation to help these women to prevent injury and heal better during the birthing year. This prompted me toward researching various avenues that would allow me to use my rehabilitation skills in the women’s health arena, leading me to the pursuit of a pelvic floor therapy specialization.

In pursuing this path, I leaned on my knowledge of pregnancy, the physiology of birth, postpartum bonding, and early parenthood transitions to form connections in the local birth community, cultivating a unique identity for myself. I have also focused on the continued growth of professional skills regarding my ability to provide emotional support by undertaking continuing education and self-study that focus on emotional healing and resilience in the birthing year.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of working with these women in need of your specialty?

Seeing women transition from a place of fear, uncertainty, and even shame about their bodies to one of acceptance and growing confidence is immensely rewarding to me.

What do you think the future role for the profession of occupational therapy is in the areas of perinatal and postpartum pelvic health?

I think OTs are the perfect professional to help guide a woman through the emotional and physical transitions of the birthing years. I hope to see more OTs explore pelvic floor therapy as a career choice because of the critical difference it can make to activities of daily living (ADLs) and overall quality of life.


Sujata Martin, MS OTR/L, CD

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy: Maharashtra University of Health Sciences & KEM Hospital - India (2012) Master of Science in Occupational Therapy: State University of New York (2014)

Certified Birth Doula: Madriella Doula Network (2018)

Sujata currently resides in Buffalo, New York, where she operates her privately owned business, Concierge Pelvic Floor. If you wish to connect with her to learn more about her specialized practice style, approach, and method of intervention, or have questions specifically about pursuing this area of practice, you can connect with her at or visit her professional website

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