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Aspects of Clinical Application: 
  • Biopsychosocial assessment and intervention planning relative to the impact of the ADL ‘sleep’ upon the entire occupational profile 

  • Provides individualized and co-occupation education and intervention planning pertaining to the needed adaptations and modifications for the necessary environments, routines, habituations, and personal factors that affect quality sleep acquisition 

  • Actionable mind-body interventions to promote and achieve improved life balance, stress management, and mental processing in the promotion of improved 'sleep' ADL

  • Provides health promotion education relative to the impact of lifestyle and nutrition upon sleep performance 

  • Applies specific knowledge of unique neuroendocrine (hormonal) function pertaining to the female brain’s relationships with sleep

Potential Certifications/
Specialized Training:

International Parenting and Health Institute

  • Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant (IMPI)


Family Sleep Institute 

  • Child Sleep Consultant Certification 


Spencer Institute 

  • Sleep Science Coach Certification 

Resource Recommendation: 
Interested in beginning a career as an Infant Sleep & Development Coach?

Check out the Blog section to read the interview with Heather Boyd, B.H.Sc. (OT), M.Sc., O.T. Reg. (Ont.), to see how she got inspired and then got going in this practice specialty.

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