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The WHOT Scholarship

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While women's health is a practice area of growing interest for burgeoning occupational therapists, it is not widely emphasized in the core academic curriculum of the profession.  


This leaves enormous gaps in the knowledge and practice base of the new OT graduate.  Filling these gaps may require extensive ongoing education before being able to safely practice within this domain of care.  A burden that can potentially add extensive cost for emerging practitioners.  

We get it.  

The WHOT Community is here to support you!  

If you are a: (1) current masters level or entry level doctoral student within an accredited occupational therapy program, or (2) a recent graduate of an accredited occupational therapy program (within the last two years from time of submission), then you are eligible to apply for one of three scholarship levels being offered. 

Please read the full list of application requirements and instructions HERE before you apply.

Note: Incomplete applications will be discarded. 

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