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Aspects of Clinical Application: 
  • Movement based interventions to facilitate systemic strength, endurance, coordination, and postural awareness in the postpartum client

  • Application of manual and soft tissue mobilization techniques to decrease pain, stress, and fatigue

  • Education of self-management strategies and techniques to promote continuation of physical maintenance programs

  • Promotion of biopsychosocial wellness across the occupational profile through facilitated and directed engagement in meaningful occupation  

  • Facilitation and home-program education for self-care routines to promote stress reduction, mindfulness, quality sleep routines, and cognitive-behavioral strategies to offset “the baby blues” in transition to the 4th trimester.

  •  Promotion of optimal nutrition for ideal self-care and systemic healing in the postpartum recovery period. 

Potential Certifications:

Professional Yoga Therapy Institute

  • Professional Yoga Therapist Certifications (PYT) Levels I, II, & III


Lauren Ohayon 

  • Restore Your Core™  Certification (for established yoga, Pilates & fitness instructors)


Institute for Birth Healing 

  • Birth Healing Specialist Certification


Specialized Training/Education:

Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehab Institute

  • Pregnancy and Postpartum Series (3 courses offered)

  • Yoga, Pilates, & Exercise (3 courses offered) 

  • Hypopressive Courses (2 courses offered)


 Burrell Education

  • Introductory and Advanced Pregnancy Wellness Practitioner Courses 

  • Introductory and Advanced Post Natal Wellness Practitioner Courses 

  • Nutritional and Lifestyle Education for Post Natal Healing

  • Safe Return to Strength Training Post Natal 


Ginger Garner (founder of PYTI) yoga courses on YogaUOnline

  • Yoga for Women’s Health – Avoiding Common Post-Pregnancy Health Issues (free download!)

  • Yoga for Women’s Health: Common Birth Related Issues and How to Prevent or Relieve Them

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