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Aspects of Clinical Application: 
  • Applies standardized screening for perinatal mood disorders in the postpartum window

  • Collaborates inter-disciplinarily to achieve best-practice outcomes for mothers identified with perinatal mood disorders

  • Biopsychosocial assessment and intervention planning relative to the occupational profile and perceived impact upon quality of life related to the direct occupation and role of ‘motherhood’

  • Applies specific knowledge of unique neuroendocrine (hormonal) function pertaining to the peri- or postpartum female

  • Facilitated and directed occupational engagement to achieve and promote improved quality of life, self-efficacy, and biopsychosocial engagement   

  • Actionable interventions to promote and achieve improved interpersonal, intrapersonal, and socialized experiences of health and wellness 

Potential Certifications:

Postpartum Support International


- The first step in completing the PMH-C credential is to complete the Perinatal Mental Health Certificate training (16 CEUs), which can be completed independently of seeking certification

Specialized Training/Education:

PESI, inc. (offering MANY online and in-person seminars)

  • Postpartum Depression & Related Disorders (digital seminar)  

  • 3-Day Comprehensive Training in Women’s Health (digital seminar) 

Interested in beginning a career in Maternal Mental Health?

Check out the Blog section to read an inspiring interview with Natalie Brunswick, MScOT to see how she got inspired, got motivated, and got started in this area of practice.  

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